Learn to Live Well with Health Challenges


Hello and welcome to my One Autoimmune Journey Community!  

Are you challenged by an autoimmune disease or chronic illness?  Do you live with chronic pain?  Do you have health symptoms that may be confusing and frustrating?  

Well, if so, you've come to the right place!

Here at One Autoimmune Journey, I strive to help those with autoimmune disease, chronic illness, chronic pain, and other health conditions gain knowledge and understanding about their health challenges, provide tools for support, and address issues that are sometimes overlooked in conventional medicine.  Our focus is on accepting our conditions, connecting with others, learning about our diagnoses, arming ourselves with research, and living positively as we go.

Here, we learn to live well with health challenges so we can live positively through illness.


About Me

Hi!  I'm Tina and I am an autoimmune, chronic illness, and chronic pain warrior.  With over 4 autoimmune diseases, multiple chronic illnesses and health-related symptoms, and chronic pain disorders, I have made it my mission to share my story and experiences with the world.  Read more about my journey below!

The 1AJ Blog

Would you like to read about specific autoimmune conditions, chronic illness experiences, and/or living daily with chronic pain from someone who experiences it themselves? Check out the latest posts on the One Autoimmune Journey blog below!

Check Out The Mighty

Do you know about The Mighty?  It is one of my favorite sites to visit!  Please check out my published blog posts on their site and connect with others just like you (and me)!  You do not have to be alone in your journey!


Latest Articles and Information on the One Autoimmune Journey Blog:

Top 5 Fat Burning Techniques to Lose Weight Comfortably in your Home

By Tina

Get Slim Without the Gym! Finding the time to work out can be hard enough with busy schedules, married life, and kids…..but no matter the situation, time and comfort is of the essence. Taking a 15-minute drive back and forth from the local gym, while also assessing awkward shower rooms and encountering strangers during your…

Top 10 Foods with High Amounts of Sugar

By Tina

Sugar is the real culprit. For many years people have been led to believe that saturated fat is the main cause of heart disease. However, new studies have revealed that saturated fat is far less harmful than sugar. It is no surprise that chocolates, fizzy drinks, sweets and cakes are loaded with added sugar. But there…

Why It’s Okay to Have a Bad Day

By Tina

If you’re here, you probably know that a huge motivator and strength of mine is staying as positive as I can in a life that has some very unique challenges. Heck, I even coined the hashtag #livepositivelythroughillness just because I could. But guys, I am still human. I still struggle at times just like most…

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